My First Post After The Incident

My First Post After The Incident

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Good day!

Hi guys. I've been seeing this site for weeks now. I guess I have to try this for a change after a heartbreaking news that befallen upon me and the rest of us in the old site!

I hope this will encourage me more to write again this New Year! After all writing they say is something unique to us that we can't just express but there's an underlying experiences that keeps us sane and always record our thoughts, feelings, ideas and even our "secrets"! Lol!

By the way I'm John, a graphic designer and working in a printing press for 6 years now.

Well, I do hope I may impart some good news in here or anything that comes in my mind. Anything that can be read for the sake of writing and reading!

Have a blessed day guys!

Thanks for reading my first post!

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