Upcoming Changings in Chillkey

Upcoming Changings in Chillkey

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So i also heard from one of the representative of the Chillkey.com that there are a lot of other changing will be done in the future, like you will be able to send text messages to other users, you will be able to receive notifications of the activity done onto your post/article.

Personally i think that there should be option for send/receive friend requests, that will a great feature for the website and for attracting the users.

There should be some platform just like facebook which should be run by Pakistani Administration, and i think chillkey have the chance to do it.

Anyway peoples we must avoid any spamming to keep running this platform, join hands for removing plagiarism and spamming from this platform.

Stay blessed all of you.

Good news. I shall be waiting for these awesome features.Messaging would be a fun here.

You told the great feature Husnain. And we hope you think like these features in future great work.