Post is now Only 55 Characters Long

Post is now Only 55 Characters Long

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So I came to that there are too many changing are now available in
Let me tell you some of them
1) Now you can follow other users, and you can see who followed you and who are you following in the followers page.
2) Earning criteria is redefined i-e now we can get 0.80 PKR on single comment, 0.05 PKR for views too but sadly there is no increasing in Likes. I Hope chillkey administration will also increase amount on Likes too.
3) Now the post length is only 550 characters, this means i can be rewarded more but with lesser content and lesser effort.

its change, we are thankfull to the team........................! #chillkey thank you so kind of you

Earning some 0.80 PKR per comment seems to be a nice idea. It is a great change.

Your title says "post should be 55 characters long." I think it should be 550 characters long. It can confuse people.