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I am Designing an ERD Diagram, and I am getting too much confused by this because first of all I have not developed an Entity Relationship Diagram, since I was in second semester, and secondly I have totally forgot how to create it, what rules are kept in mind while creating it, and what are the shapes to be drawn, therefore I am getting help from Internet but I am unable to get things fast so I think I have to study it deeply for Better understanding . Also I am going to get help my Boss

Image is from Link

sorry to say but i do not have any about this but i hope any one will be help you

Sorry friend I do not have any idea about your work. This is all new for me. Could you please define your work in general terms?

Unable to understand what your question is about. would you please elaborate it?

I don't have any idea too, sorry. But I hope you can get help from your boss and wish you all the best on your job.