Rainy Day in winter

Rainy Day in winter

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It is being few days that the weather is Rainy, it does not rain too much but these days the Sky is always covered with the Clouds, and also now the Night has become cold we start feeling sold in the late night and eventually we have to take Blanket and turn off the Fan as well, i think this Time the Winter Season will come earlier than expected because of the current situation, last time the winter came in about the end of November but this time it will come earlier, anyways it is Good to have winter earlier, at least we will not have to bear the heat of sun.

I am glad to tell you that the weather has become very lovely out here, in the morning the sun was shinning very bright, but now there is no sign of sun any where the clouds have covered the sky and cool breeze is blowing. It is feeling very great. It could be rain at any time, the clouds could turn on the showers at any time, by the way rain is a huge gift of God for us as whenever it rains every thing becomes clean and neat, the plants and trees turn into lush green color which were brown due to dust.

Few minutes earlier the owner of the building came to me and said that he is going out and when the garbage collector will come ask him to open the gutter which is not working and I started waiting for him to come, so finally my wait over and I said him everything as the owner told me to do, but the garbage collector said that he is not able to do right now as he is doing his job and he have to collect garbage from other houses as well but when he will get free he will come and will certainly try to open the shut gutter.

There was an issue in my Laptop Battery that it suddenly stopped working and its backup time suddenly went less than thirty minutes it was operating more than two hours a day ago but all this happen in a sudden and I do not understand why and then few days later my battery completely gone dead so I need to run my laptop on AC power, and I could not carry it away from electric socket, so then I asked from one of my Friend to borrow his laptop's battery as his laptop was totally out of order, and now I am running my laptop on his battery.

I got my first Computer when I was in the ninth grade, at that time computers were not very common, and I did not knew how to operate it the Funny thing is that we did not knew that how to delete a certain an item. we only knew how to insert Cd ito CD-ROM and playing Games, and by doing all this we crashed our computer many times, a friend of mine then have to repair it again and again he used to visit our home atleast once in a week for this purpose and he cracked a joke that I will come every week if you want me to take tea but do not damage the computer.

Now-a-days we have access to many things over the Internet, like we can Access Entertainment sites, knowledge sites and also social sites to make more Friends and to stay in Touch with friends who are living far away from us, but the main advantage of Internet is that we can increase our skills on line like there are many websites which offer courses and then they take exams if we pass the exam we can earn a certificate too, so it is about the interest of person what he/she likes to learn.