My life With social things

My life With social things

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So friends Good Afternoon to all of you, I am in the Office right now and after few minutes we will be having the Lunch Break and then we will have Tea as well, our most of the fellows have not came yet, because of different Timings and when they will come we will have lunch altogether, because we enjoy having lunch together because we have Gossips chit chat and discuss other things, like now what is the plan further about work, and if somebody is facing difficulty, he also discusses it.
In my last Article i was talkig about a new service same as Skype, so this new service is started by the Tor and it's name is Tox, i think that you all should search it download it and try it as it is still under development so you might not like it but once it is fully developed you are going to +Love it. When i used it first i got some difficulty because i did not know how to use it even i did not know how to change my name and how to search my Friends, but within 30 Minutes or less i was able to do all that and i was having a chat with my friend.

So Tonight again we are staying at Office, because it is now very late and I will not get any Transport and I was working so I get late now I am here in the office and I will make sure to do some extra work tonight because I am willing to go home tomorrow early than the usual time so that no will stop me because I will have done my work and also I am getting messages from home that when will I come so I told them that I will come tomorrow noon or tomorrow early evening. I am now taking some break so I will start work some moments later.

I have just Checked the Plagiarism of one of my Article, and I very Glad to say that it said that plagiarism is zero percent, well I do not know how they check for plagiarism but one thing I am sure that they are not hundred percent accurate, because in this World nothing is perfect there is some sort of mistake is always present, which we did not see but some people find them and then they try to finish that mistake but still there left some other mistakes and this process continues.

Now I am Creating Registration Form for the website I am working on, I want to insert the Values in the Fields that area already in the Database and just you can say that user info is already there so user just update information which is present in the fields, so I kept on working on it but it was not working so I asked one of my Friend he told me another method so I implemented that method now the Script started working very fine, I am very happy with my progress, I will write the code for uploading images and save them.

My Friends are having carbonated drinks but i am not intrested Once I used to have the Soft Drink very regularly, I did buy them all the Time and you can say that I did consume to much carbonated drinks, whenever it is hot instead of purchasing a Bottle of Water, I always purchased the soft drink, I also knew all the disadvantages of them on the health but still I did not care about them, and now I seldom have the soft drinks I mostly prefer of having a pack of Juice, or the Milk Shake, it is now very often that I take soft drink, and only when my friends purchase soft drink so I have to purchase a soft drink.

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