Chillkey My life

Chillkey My life

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Whenever i log in the Chillkey first of all i go into my posts and check that how much each post have Earned me, and it makes me think that what should i write and which +Topics are hot in the viewers, so i examine each post carefully and also check that whether there is some Spam comment or not, so to do this i read each and every comment and i find some comment spam i immediately Delete that comment, and do not follow that person who made that comment, because then they keep on spamming my articles as well as of others which did not support.

Well I was working very enthusiastically on my project in the Office and then my other fellows came here and now I do not want to work anymore, I do not know what happened to me but honestly I do not want to work, whenever I try to work and opens the work I start wondering that what I am going to and then I start surfing the Internet, watch some Match and updates and other things and also start looking on that what is new and then I open some new articles and start liking them and then close them and the cycle continues.

I am very happy right now because I have done my work for today before the time and now I can go home before time as well, is not this a great feeling that it is weekend and also you are going home before the official time, I suppose other people will also from now and they will also try to complete their assignments before time, and by doing so we can have a long day to enjoy with our family and friends, also you can visit your relatives or can arrange a party at home without having any difficulties.

So finally it the end of very tired Office work, and it is also Sunday tomorrow I have some urgent work tomorrow, as I have to go to one of my friend's home he asked me about coming his home because he is going to have a exam on Monday, so I think that I will have no rest on the Sunday, but we have off days from offices so that we may fulfil our social responsibilities and other stuff which are needed to done,and also that we may visit to some place with our family to get relaxation from hard Job.

Few days back I was in the Office and did not completed my Work but it was my time to go home, and Good thing was that the Boss did not came to the office that day, he came very late like it was almost my leaving time and then he asked me about the work for that day but I said that I have to go to home now I will send you the work in email attachment but when I went home I did not sent him the work as I did not completed it, so the next day I went earlier office and completed my previous work and he was Happy.

So tonight we had to stay in the Office,because we had an important Milestone which was completed and to show it to the client, but then it started raining heavily and also wind started at very great speed, so the trees broken from roots and also an electric tower was broken due to this we did not had any electricity for continuous more than three hours and also our laptops were out of batteries so then we decided to take Dinner and we came back to office, and had to wait again for light.

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