Review-Questions and Answers.

Review-Questions and Answers.

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Hi, chillkey family, thanks for you support and trurst here. Its been about ten days since we launched chillkey for public. we are analyzing the users, traffic, earning, ad views and many more. Since we are starting site, the first goal for any starting site is to execute its basic operations in effective manner. we read each and every post of our members. we find most of you are good writes we also notice spammers too. we are imporving our internal operations it is some time not visible to the members but we are imporving.

Some questions and their answers.

Q: Why is chillkey paying low?

Answer: We are starter and we need quiet good reputation to earn high earning advertisments(which effects your earnings). Hope fully we achive this reputation in few days with your help the we are able to pay you good.

Q: Why Spammers are not blocked?

Answer: We had send email to the members who voilates the rules, we are also deleting their posts and comments.

Q: Why the site is less showing users posts ?

Answer: Yes the site is showing less user involement, that depends on the user, it depends upon users to how much they gave time here on site, and how much they expect to earn. we have some users who are quite active and post on regularly basic, to earn more get involue in converstations on posts share your ideas, support the users who write good.In short the users who spend some time are earning,get your referalls and earn more,we are also giving rewards to the users who write good the rewards will given with their withdrawals. so the earning formula is earning = involement the user with good posts is also rewarded besides of their posts like and comments earning..

Please solve the token mismatch option as many of my comments have lost due to this! Also the spammers should be removed quickly as a loyal user do not come after bitter experience.

The admin of the site must post on regular intervals as it improves the level of our hopes.

Good to hear that!! It will be v good if chillkey is successful. ..we wil continue posting here

I am so excited to see a Pakisani platform and I hope it progresses and flourishes. i have not been able to find out answer to two questions. Maximum posts per day Minimum payout Thanks.

Thanks for the update. This will help a lot of newbies around here who need guidance. please work on the "token mismatch" option too.