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Here We Have to inform All Of you that we have seen some not-real traffic on some posts, so we have to inform you all that views are updated at 12.00 AM Everyday Pakistan Time.

We also have deleted some posts which are not genuine and also warned the users who submitted such posts, you may see it in your messages box, it will show you a message from ChillkeyOfficial only if we have sent one to you.

We are also deleting users who consistently not following the terms so be careful anyone of you can be next.

It is sad that people try to cheat when honesty is so much better in the long run. I am glad admins here are taking quick action to keep the site free of bad stuff.

that is good thing that some one is here to response in-time. but problem is here no one use to like and comments on other post as am also using the other platform like this. Hopefully this site give extra income.

one thing more admin i want to ask that am sharing my post link on social network if some one view my post from social network is this legal or not because he/she do not know how to like the post?