Dark night Before shining day

Dark night Before shining day

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These rates are assigned based off how much money the company makes from advertisement revenue. We are excited for the new version , because we feel that it will help pick up activity around here with the technical enhancements and overall user experience. Increased site activity will lead to larger payments.

We are also making it easier for new people that come to who may not know who we are, quickly understand what it is we do and we are doing this by improving the onboarding experience. This is important, because new members will certainly help grow the community here, thus enhancing the activity.

With that said, majority of the changes are catered towards what our existing community wants and had said they wanted. Many of you will be impressed with what we have been working on and we are extremely excited to get it out to you.

Thanks for the patience and continued support.
P.S. Many of you have noticed that ads aren't always displaying on the site. This is temporary. Google wanted us to make it more obvious that advertisements in the homepage grid are ads, not site content. We're working with them to figure out the best way to do that. Our account is not in violation, and they will be back soon.