Eid E MIlad Un Nabi

Eid E MIlad Un Nabi

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Eid e milad un nabi is the great day on which our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (SAW) was born. He came into the world for the benefit of Muslims. He (SAW) our last prophet. As there is no prophet came into the world after He (SAW). He (SAW) life is the great way to spend our life acccording to He(SAW) teachings. He (SAW) through light on the every field of life and tell us the better way to get succees in this world and the world after the death.Today Eid e Milad un nabi is celebrated all over the world very waermly. All the houses and streets are decorated with lights and flowers in the happines and all the people arranges mefils to send a great number of darood o salam on He (SAW). So if we want to succeed in the life we should follow the teachings of islam and Hazrat Muhammed (SAW).

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