A New Site--Wow

A New Site--Wow

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I just found this new site and hopefully it will not let us down as Bubblews did. I love to write and I love to connect and I love to get paid.

Since this is a new site I will share a little about myself. I am a writer and have authored two books. One was a huge success and the other--well not so good.

I paint and love getting out the colors and my palette knife and just creating whatever I wish. Though I love to make money this is strictly for pleasure.

I have also painted many tote bags with original designs--but kind of phasing out.

I love to play poker and hit the casino a few times a month to join others in a live poker game. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but it never hinders my love for the game.

I am into healthy eating and exercising regularly--got stay healthy for all my many interests. Oh yes to relax I love reading mysteries. Cooking is okay--and I always feel self-righteous when I cook nutritious meals.

I am married and have grown kids.