Smoking kills

Smoking kills

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Everytime you light up a cigarette it means you are saying that your life is not worth living.

Smoking cause a slow and painful death. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful for their health but its hard to understand that why people like to smoke? Youth is more addicted to smoking, Normally it is seen that people smoking including young boys and girls under the age of 19 they are smoking their educational institutes and public places and concern authorities take no reaction. The harmful effects of smoking are:
It May cause lung cancer.
Raises blood pressure.
Suppresses Immune function.
Dulls senses of smell and taste.
Reduces stamina .
Wrinkles your skin.
Leads to depression and fatigue.
May cause fatal heart attack

indeed but unfortunately smokers not left smoking, they spread the smoking to young generations like a virus.

No doubt a bad habit but people around us are use to take this poison. More they don't care if anyone do not like their act and disturbing much.