My life black day..

My life black day..

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Good evening to all of you. How are you all hope you well be fine and good.
In this post i well tell you about my self that what happen to me. It was 2011 and i am doing job in airline company me and my friends are living in the flat. That was 12 jul 2011 when my two friends are on leave and me and my other friend are in flat. We do the dinner and watch TV for a small time and then go to sleep when we are in a deep sleep then we hear a dzzzzz sound it was very heavy sound and we wake up on that sound. When we go down steps we saw a lot of people are come and saw what is happen we saw that one man was dead it was a bomb blast but it was a small one and just kill one person in that. When we know that it was blast then we are trying to go to the road side and in that time it was another blast which was a huge one me and my friend was badly injured in that about 46 people are die in that blast.
It was very bad night in my life still i remember that.

Its a good thing that you and your friend survived the brutal blasts. I hope this terrorism ends soon in Pakistan.

yes brother this is good for me and my friend that we are all right now.... and i hope so

:( yes you are right my dear thanks for this, keep maintaining.......................!!