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Several times to build relationships before marriage are emerging from the physical defect or a venereal disease may be causing your love may vanish in two minutes. Relationships before marriage is finally deadly Know Why -

1. Keeping a character married before they merely become the passion of love is not the severity of any kind. If he is not a star, it is in keeping with their partner about sex is Dedikeshn. They understand only the physical beauty. 2. unwanted pregnancy, marriage and your relationship has not been made, you may be pregnant, or your partner may become pregnant. The two of you will be confused and will not be happy with your decision. 3 hurt: premarital sex is many times he would gilt. Pity for the loyalty of your partner if you are about to ditch him. 4. Religion: Many religions have sex before marriage is forbidden. It is not written like that but many people take it as his own myth as a partner. If you do not, your relationship will always remain sweetness. 5. Family values: If your partner is able to conceive would hurt your family values. Abortion is not fair, so you are stuck in a strange situation. Therefore, if possible, with your partner or make sexual contact before marriage, it would be appropriate.

Very nicely worded dear, just follow our relegion and your life will be ideal insha Allah...........

thank you for a nice comment on my post irfan khan. and your right too ...........:)