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Assalamu-alaikum/Greetings my friends and fellow writers here, you may confuse about the title of my post. Well, let me clear it first, this is my very first post on chillkey, its a new fresh post like me but i'm not a newbie here. Wanna know how? Well, i have signed up here on almost about three months ago but when i saw and felt that the site chillkey not made for me as i'm not belongs to pakistan so i quit after signed up, now some of my friend belongs to this site invite me to join then i decide to check back again and now i can see that the platform allow international users so here i'm. So my post would be new but i'm not a newbie here.

Hope i'll enjoy my writing here, although i don't know 200 pkr worth how much $ USD. Let's see how far i can go.

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200PKR means 2 USD. Good to see you here. You should contact the admin about the payment issues in order to make the things clear.

200 PKR is around $2 US Dollars! You should chech every thing before cashing out! Make everything clear! Check with Admin.