I Want To Trust

I Want To Trust

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Every site Need to have a chance to proof itself as a legit one and i'm trying the sites and want to trust the admins of those sites. I already get paid from those legit sites and not want to be cheated ever even the earning would be low. I'm glad that my earning is updated here.
This site is well known to us as the Pakistani site as the currency is in PKR, you'll be amused to know that my country's currency BDT is more than PKR and i earn from other sites in USD which is 100x than the PKR and 77x than BDT.
Every writer wants a legit trusted site although the earning would be a little. You may ask me why i trust this site, well my answer is very simple and that is try something new and the admins are trusted Muslims and i'm also a muslim and serious about honesty, InshaALLAH

Thanks everyone here.

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