Secret of Success

Secret of Success

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I am going to share a secret of success with all of you which is necessary for us to know it and act on it too in our daily life so that we can succeeded in life.
All of you observe that everyone do some work (any kind of work in daily life or professional life) then we struggle only once if work is not done or there is an error of some kind, then we leave that work and despaired immediately. Although we should try out until that time our work is not completed, but we do not struggle anymore and think this is predetermined.
But in my opinion we continue struggle until we accomplished our goal. Hence we are Muslims so in our religion frustration is a sin. So we do efforts hard with determination and believe in you and never be despair in life that’s a secret of success.

I think the secret to success is one word which is.... " Believing". If you believe you will be anyone or anything you want to no matter what. So just keep the faith! Keep positive and pray!

Making plans without implementation is just a waste of mind. The actual need is to make good plan implement it and stick to it until success.

Yes Jaffy ''believe'' this is get then there is no despair am I right? And waheed you said well this is truth