Dangerous Countries For Women

Dangerous Countries For Women

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Now a days with the advancement in every sector is cause to modernization in women too. So because of this women travel alone for their work or sometimes for enjoyment they are going outside of their countries. But experts said that there are some countries which are very dangerous for those women who travel lonely. Those countries which are very dangerous for women there is first number of India in dangerous countries list. In accordance of national crime bureau of India there is one case file of oppression with women after every twenty minutes. After India , Brazil ,Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Colombia, South Africa, Marrakesh, Mexico and Kenya are dangerous countries. According to a survey there are unsafe transport system for women in the world are following countries:
1. Bogota, Colombia
2. Mexico city
3. Lime, Peru
4. New Delhi
5. Jakarta, Indonesia
6. Beyonce Iris, Argentina
7. Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
8. Bangkok
9. Moscow
10. Manila, Philippines
11. Paris
12. Seoul, South Korea
13. London
14. Beijing
15. Tokyo
16. New York

Sad to say Philippines is included in the list. I wish that authorities can do something about the crimes and people will cooperate

I think respect and dignity should be more claimable by our women than just equality. Equality does not mean to interrupt in anything even unsuitable for women. First we should have to clear these ideas about equality and respect. Women even have more power with respect and dignity rather having this so called modernization equality that is lethal for women.

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Yes i agree with you sniper222. Women are more respectful . And they have soft heart so respect them.