''My introduction post''

''My introduction post''

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Hi guys I just signed up a minutes ago and it seems sound interesting when I saw this site in my very first looked at the homepage.I have no idea if where this site's from and whose the CEO.As a blogger I still searching a site that make me feel comfortable and easy to be as a member.I know that I have many writer friends in different blogging sites today.They still searching also for the big one''site'' who really appreciate the hard work of their authors/writers.If this site is one of that I am very thankful that I'm one of the site founding member.But before I introduce myself I have a little concern about the 700 words Implemented of the chillkey sounds difficult to achieve that Minimum.I'll hope the staff will change into 1000 characters or less.It is only my suggestion because its hard to the new writers out there just like to create that.Its a long story.
By the way let may introduce myself to all of you.I'm Jacky Bolonias,24 year old and I'm from Philippines.To all my friends in other sites just already here nice to see you guys.Good luck to us and Happy new year.

It is not easy to earn online. So keep finding to be comfortable. Moreover happy to have you here :)

look who is here, I am happy to see you here, I am learning the site more so I can go smoothly..

It just 700 characters not 700 words. I have confirmed it from the admin. Its done to prevent spam posts. I see your from Philippines! Welcome to the website. I hope you have a great experience working with Pakistanis.