Traffic problems in Pakistan

Traffic problems in Pakistan

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Read very carefully it is not a joke this is very serious problem in the world.. Traffic problem in Pakistan is getting worse with every coming day specially in big cities like karachi,lahore,rawalpindi,islamabad,quetta,peshawar and Hyderabad.Government is doing very little to avoid traffic jams and other little and big problems in the Pakistan...we need to do something ....please when you drive then be careful about your driving and don't drive when you are in is very important for us....and follow the traffic rules when you drive ...if you don't follow traffic rules then you are in trouble ,.....

you man you right on the way of road blocking and traffic problem now days in pakistan so for this we can solve the problem by follow the rules of traffic so we can resolve the issue thanks for sharing the great information and don't forget me

Our govt. can do help us to some extent in this regard and Punjab govt.has contributed a lot toward the issue. Our people are not sensible and they do not care about others when they are at roads.

Looks like a huge parking lot. It is also the problem here in the Philippines, most especially here in Metro Manila.