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Aslam o alikum
i hope everythings going well here ...and i believe that every one is happy with chill key....... i am new here and i want to know how can i earn money here please if some one there then teach me and guide me ...thanks for all
now i am going to tell you about my self i am Sanam zahid from Sohawa jhelum ...age 23 and i am teacher in school i am new in this profession so thats why i need some one help....i don't know any thing about online work ..i hear about online work but no idea about this so please kindly tell me the right way to earn money ..

You just have to write articles as much as you can,, more you write more you will earn once your earning reaches PKR 200/ you will be able to withdraw money anytime you want, and be careful the articles must be your own, it must not be copied from some other website, if you copy content of others your account may be terminated by the administration.

i welcome you on this amazing platform. Better you read FAQS and TOS carefully you will understand everything.

You should check your BANK (earnings) as you have taken a great job. But stick to the rules and regulations that are very simple.

Wa Alaikum U Salam. Firstly I welcome you on chillkey and I agree above comment which provide best guide lines so act on this information and you will get all your answers.

Thanks all IN SHA ALLAH I Will do this and i will be good in this business i am weak in english so if you cant understand so please forgive me