Even children are earning with YOUTUBE, why don't you?

Even children are earning with YOUTUBE, why don't you?

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Asalam o Alaikum friends
In this post i am going to share you people my own experience of earning money with youtube...
i heard about such children who are making money with youtube.
Its very simple like speaking one, two, three...
You are only needed to make a GoogleAdsense account and gmail account and nothing more to be made.
Then visit to youtube.com and click on sign in button and enter the same login detail as that of gmail.com
Make your own channel as miine is as
and start making videos and start uploading these videos. You will then earn by serving ads on your videos by monetizing your videos from settings there...

How is it possible? To get a Google adsense account is not that easy rather it is a tough job for all of us. So, can you guide us in this regard? How to get an account?

In Sha Allah i will write sometime on this topic... don't worry its so simple... don't worry brother

i don't know friend how can i reply specifically to you because there is no reply system in the comment section

Thank you buddy for sharing such good information with us .Looking forward to Adsense account creation.

niceeeeee post brother but how to make adsence account please give me details in comment

its not easy to understand you here... i suggest you please search this on youtube where you can be guided fully

awesome man i saw it for the first time you motivated me enough brother i will start this as well

thank you brother for informing us thank you so much again ........ your posts are very much enjoyable

thank you so much friend you are motivating us here to earning online that are some best sides

wawo i would say wawo for this post man..... please carry on and never stop posting

very nice man so nice posting by you thank you so much thank you so much for this post

wawo nice so much informative articles by you jalal, thank you so much for this kind act

oh so how can we withdraw this money then, please clear this thing thank you so much

have you earned yourself jalal6465??????? please tell me so that i can get started thank you so much

yes you are one hundred percent right about this method i have created my own chaneel