Easy earning with Google Adsense Part-5

Easy earning with Google Adsense Part-5

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9.There is possibility that you might not get approval at first attempt in Pakistan in that case you should apply after at least 4 to 5 days and you should remove all the errors pointed out by the approving team.
10.Read all the terms and conditions including policies of Google Adsense although it takes the full day.

These were the last steps of getting an Adsense account in Pakistan...
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Next article will be on some other methods of earning

hey bro. i want to ask a question. Does this thing work in pakistan. coz i heard from some people that it wont. kindly help.

friend this will work and its for sure that it will work if you follow these steps accordingly thanks

According to my knowledge , you are not allowed to apply for the second time as you are rejected by the adsense team in your first attempt. Am I right in my thinking?

Mykk you need to remove those errors which are pointed out by Adsense team and then come after 4 to 5 days it will get done then

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wawo i am following your steps its really awesome please keep postings on such topicss

wawo these steps are awsome thank you so much please post some new methods i like these things

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