Easy earning with Google Adsense Part-4

Easy earning with Google Adsense Part-4

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7.Sometime owner of website make big mistake such as they apply account with different name and address while their site is registered with other name and address. It is strongly recommended that you should register your domain on your personal name and address and also provide the same details while you are going to apply for account.
8.The traffic of your website should be at least 300 to 400 unique visitors daily. It has been said that Google adsense dons’t require traffic! How it could be possible as they are earning for traffic so as per traffic requirement your site should be receiving between 300 to 400 visitors at least. Moreover the traffic of your site should be organic as Google hates paid traffic. Google has not issue with referral traffic but the majority of the traffic should be from search engines for the getting approval.

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