Recent Changes here at Chillkey.

Recent Changes here at Chillkey.

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Today I logged into Chillkey after a lot of days, maybe a month or maybe more. It was great to be back. After reading a few posts. Checking other things out on the website you know the normal routine of commenting on interesting articles welcoming new people here. I started going through posts by Chillkey Official.
Next, I clicked on my earnings section. As far as what I remember is that we were only paid for comments and likes but to my surprise my account balance has gradually raised up. Thinking what is was I immediately went on the Chillkey official page on Facebook and read a post how the payment rate per comment has increased and that now we were going to be paid per view too!
Now this might be old news for many of the active members here but It was very exciting for me. So I have just wrote this article.
So I just want to thank the Chillkey staff for the improvement! I hope we see new improvements in the website really soon. I also saw post telling now they allow users from Ghana. That is just again great!
I hope this awesome website remains great and successful. Thank you Admin!
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Welcome back Jimmy, nice additions really........................................

@Jimmy12 & @IrfanKhan thanks for the comments guys! Means a lot! I hope to have further contact with you people as a part of the Chillkey family! @jimmy12 don't ask for comments and likes its not allowed. You might be banned.

You must be contact with chillkey and with enjoy to all friends ....................................................

@hadi12 thank you! I look forward to be friends with you here! Good to be the part of the Chillkey family! Thank you for the warm welcome! I'll try to stay in contact here.

Yes its nice for all chillkey members. And hope for more improvements from the chillkey to its members