Free Ring for You!

Free Ring for You!

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I was browsing on the internet when I came across a freebie and thought I should share it here with my friends here at Chillkey. I see many of the members here at Chillkey are girls too so this offer is going to attract them.
The offer is by YOS. (Your Online Store).
They are a new website which are offering free beautiful "Star fish " rings to all their customers throughout may while the stock lasts!
They have more than a 100 rings to give away for free. The ring has price of $3 but they are giving it for a price as low as $0.
All you will have to do is,
1. Sign up at their website
2. Add the item to your cart
3. Checkout.
4. Wait for your item to arrive
5. Open your package and write a review when you receive it!

You will have to pay only a small shipping price of $5.99!
That is again for the safety of your product. They will add shipping security to it and your package will come with tracking! It will reach you within 7-10 Business days!
I have ordered mine... have you?
Here is the link :
Image Credits : Taken from their Facebook Page. Its free to Share.

No this is not possible /...what you are saying.......can you please elaborate....

@irfan756 it is possible! I have got my ring here with me! They are really giving away free rings just pay for the shipping money... (parcel money).