Attention Members -Lets Stop Spammers - Don't Destroy Chillkey

Attention Members -Lets Stop Spammers - Don't Destroy Chillkey

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Hi, I have visited this website today after making my last post two days back. What I have noticed here at website is not a good thing. People are spamming a lot.
There are many types of spammers.
1. Who make posts less than 700 characters
2. Who repeat the same words again and again.
3. Who copy paste articles from the web
4. Who post Referral links.
5. Who comment on their posts again and again.
6. Who use "....." or ",,,,,," to complete their 700 characters.
7. Who use photos without giving credit.

Please before you start writing here on the website read the "TOS" Terms of service and Privacy Policy.
If people don't follow the rules they will be banned from the website. I try to tell everyone but nobody seems to care here. Well, if you don't stop spamming then your account will be deleted. So it would be better if you stop.
Lets make an effort and stop people from spamming and everyone who is spamming will be reported to the Chillkey staff immediately.

700 characters r toooooooo much if u want to make chilkey better place reduce the character number of posts n comments no body got anything special u need to change many things n spcly if u want chilkey to be successful

@MujtabaTahir 700 characters are very less... You are writing articles here they are not writing statuses. One more thing its only 700 characters not words! There is a difference in between them. Although I agree number of characters in a comment should be less.

Spammers were annihilating the beauty of but It is a good news that ''Chillkeyofficial'' has taken a notice of such type of activities on the site.

chillkey is the best site for earning in the life in the pk it is best to earn it is best to learn it is best to chat

Well, I have just registered and taking visits through all the links on here. It seems to be a wonderful opportunity not just for making money but social side is another attraction for today's social media lovers. @ Jaffy I want to say one thing "Honesty" because I noticed a large number of Pakistani sites that just made for spamming their own users..