Thanks Team Chill Key!

Thanks Team Chill Key!

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Salam Mates, nearly two days ago I don't know why but my account was not opening and I was very worried about it but the good thing behind this story is that mean while I contacted to the admins of this site and I was surprised to see their response, I mean nearly 3-4 hours ago I got a mail from Mr. Husnain who corrected every thing here in my account and informed me to log in now, so now I did and it logged in, isn't that nice and must be appreciated?

Well whatever, you guys have brought such a beautiful and different platform for us that atleast for me its like being out of words to praise, and yeah, that Site &Bubblews, its good what they did otherwise we won't have this platform of our own country and specially that one of you guys who said to his family "Jb Paise Aaenge To Btaonga" I really liked these lines and not only this I was also in such type of circumstances at that time.

Well whatever, am happy for each and everything here but still have something to say that PK Based PTC Sites is really playing with the lives of few people, they must think about it - not everyone can afford to invest on such sites, but after few months when they run away, they break the dreams of countless people, there must a Cyber Law to handle such senseless idiots who play with lives and hopes of innocent peoples.

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so congrats M.r hussain next time be careful to lose the account i suggest you to choose easy password

Thanks Murtaza - Actually Whenever I Make Any A/c On Any Site, I Have A File N I Save / Note It There At Both The Places, So There Was Nothing Wrong With My ID N Password, I Think It Was A Technical Problem, But Thank God, Its Solved Now.

I really love this line in their "about us" section. Also they have a very good support! I message them on Facebook and get a reply fast!