Chillkey the best Pakistani site

Chillkey the best Pakistani site

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Chillkey best Pakistani site
Hi, everyone. Are you a writer and want to earn so please Join .

Today I am going to talk about
this other Paid-to-write-social-networking
website called "ChillKey". Chillkey was
launched on 31st December 2014 (The new
year night).

they have
launched their free App on Google Play

(How to work)
The work is very easy
Write a Article minimum 700 characters and post
When anyone like or comments on your post The balance is add to your account.

Chillkey rate is $0.02 or Rs.2 PKR. Per 1 comment or like.

Each article should be at least 700
characters, plagiarism not allowed only
fresh articles.

ChillKey is a website especially for bloggers
from Pakistan. They offer all the Pakistani
payment gateways like EasyPaisa,

I think its a very good opportunity for
bloggers from Pakistan .

For join visit the site.
My dear Friends please give me the info I m right or wrong.

Has the rate increased? As far I remember it was Rs.0.25 per like and 0.50 per comment.

Hello jaffy thanks for in from I am new Here please tell me The referral commission is available or not