Why I want Chillkey to flourish

Why I want Chillkey to flourish

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I have been writing online for quite some time now. Bubblews was a great source of income till they banned all members from Pakistan though I never violated any rule.

Now there are many such sites cropping up. CGP Gallery, Elite Visitors and Chill Key to name a few.. am a member of all these sites but I really want Chillkey to flourish and make a name for itself.

First, it is a Pakistani website started by some young students (I think) and it will be great if we can show the world we are not dependent on them for money.

Secondly, Chillkey can become a platform where we can discuss issues related to our country without getting a lot of idiotic, hateful or stupid comments from people who are always looking for an opportunity to deride our country.

We can use this place as a platform to educate each other, help each other and unite as a nation. We have to get rid of our personal bias and love for political parties and provinces and focus on our identity as Pakistanis and even if we have a few good members, it can provide this site with a a great start.

My best wishes for Chillkey, its admins and its members. Please publish an FAQ page as a priority because there are too many questions that are are unanswered regarding the site.

Agreed and think in the way as you do. We should use this platform for positive interacttions.