Our TV channles

Our TV channles

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I am terribly disappointed with our news channels right now. There are only a handful of people who seem to have remained unbiased and calm otherwise everyone seems to be trampling ethics and truth for better ratings and sensationalism.

Truth, lies, gossip, rumours, speculations, accusations and personal vendettas are all being aired by frenzied reporters and anchorpersons who barely managing to remain seated while talking.

There is a BREAKING NEWS after every five seconds telling us about one crisis after the other till we are all numb and lose all sensitivity.

It seems that the government has also given free reign to everyone because if there is any pressure to moderate, the media houses start screaming about freedom of press and victimization.

I wish TV channels would show positive things too. There are many beautiful places of Pakistan which should be shown on TV. Reports on our handicrafts, farmers, agricultural and industrial production, tourism places, education achievements etc. shoudl be aired.

Problems of common people should be shown instead of focusing on just leaders of political parties. They can talk 24/7 about themselves. I just wish the people of Pakistan can have a voice too.

Some TV channels are be playing the positive role. But there is always a room for improvements.

What I meant was there is lot of coverage given to political parties and their leaders who are always speaking against each other. This is causing division among the masses. I just want more coverage of common people, their achievements and troubles.