My Chillkey: An update

My Chillkey: An update

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I joined Chillkey a few weeks ago but was not very active here. Now I am trying to be regular and post at least one article here daily as well as read other people's posts and comment on them.

Today I decided to see how I am progressing on Chillkey. So far I have written 10 articles and have earned 40 rupees.

To many this may not seem like much money but for me this money is very precious. It is valuable to me because Chillkey is a Pakistani site and I am proud of being a Pakistani.

I only hope the admins of this site are honest and will pay whatever they are promising. No matter what the pay rate, it is great platform for discussing issues and learning from each other.

It is up to each of us how to use this site. But my best wishes are with Chillkey admins and members. Let's make Pakistan a better place with Chillkey.

Image is from my camera of the tea I am drinking right now.:-)

No doubt admin at chillkey dot com is honest and willing to pay but we must adhere to the rules and regulations.

You are quite right because this is the reason I love Chill Key we the Pakistani must try to make this plate from successful.