How to improve your English

How to improve your English

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When I started writing online about 7-8 years ago, people in other countries were always amazed to know that I am a Pakistani and a woman at that. Many had very pre-conceived notions about how illiterate we are and not capable of speaking or writing good English.

I am not trying to boast but share with readers here that it is not really difficult to learn anything new as long as you put in consistent effort. I love reading Urdu poetry and have a large collection of Urdu books in my home but I have worked very hard to master the English language as well because it is the language with which you can access the world nowadays.

To speak/write English well, you have to read material which is written in good English.

If your English is very weak, buy children’s books from Old Book shops like Key Words with Peter and Jane by Ladybird. It is one of the best books for learning English language because it contains almost 50% of all words we use in daily language.

If you speak some level of English, try reading books by Enid Blyton also easily available in Old Book Shops. Written by a British author these books develop good vocabulary, creative writing and imagination.

School and college students should also read books by Oxford Progressive English Readers which has 5 or 6 grades. Start from grade 1 and read books upto grade 6 and you will notice an immense improvement in your English writing.

If your English just needs polishing, then buy any English newspaper (my favourite is Dawn) and read the whole paper from Page 1 many times. Read the ads, the letters and news and everything else it contains. After reading a few newspapers, you will notice that words and phrases come easily to you.

English magazines like Young World and Reader's Digest are also excellent ways of improving English.

Many of these books cost very little in old book shops (Rs30-50) at most and it is a great investment for yourself, your siblings and your children.

Don’t rely on text books only. Make an effort to improve your knowledge and skills. Spend 20-30 minutes daily on reading and within 3 months you will be doing great InshAllah.

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You shared some great tips on how to improve English. One can improve one's english with the help of these tips.

It is very informative to all of them who wants to improve their English nice work keep it up .....