Education TV: Need of the hour

Education TV: Need of the hour

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There are many channels that air programmes on particular themes only like religious shows, cooking shows, cartoons for children, music videos, movies, health shows etc.

I feel there is a great dearth of educational programmes on television nowadays and hope some media house can come up Education TV channel.

Here shows related to field of education, student counseling, science and technology can be aired. Extracurricular activities in schools, colleges and universities can be shown which will benefit children, parents and teachers.

Selected documentaries from National Geographic and Discovery Channel can be shown to introduce new concepts and technology to our children. They should be dubbed in good quality Urdu so that everyone and not just elite students benefit.

Good quality quiz shows, Spelling bee contests and Maths Olympiad can be aired so that the quality of education can be improved and more awareness created about the new developments in field of education worldwide. .

Such a channel can also bridge gap between jobs available and the subjects students choose for higher education. A wise person once said: "When a school is opened, a prison is closed."

Unless we make education our priority, we will not be able to progress as a nation.

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yeah the facts are right and flaws are really encouraging. Good and keep on working. I like your work. keep it up.

Indeed it is the need of the hour but our media is busy promoting some non issues.

Well said, More importance have to be attached with knowledge that we will be able to see some real change in society..