Chillkey needs an FAQ page ASAP

Chillkey needs an FAQ page ASAP

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For any site to be a success, it needs a good layout, active admins and a page where members can find answers to the most common and important questions that come to their mind regarding the site.

As the site flourishes, income will also come but first we need a good starting point.

I feel Chillkey admins should publish an FAQ page as soon as possible to tackle all frequently asked questions from old and new members.

Some of these questions could be

A basic introduction to Chillkey

How members can earn money on Chillkey?
(rates for views, comments, likes etc. should be told clearly and honestly)

How and when will members get paid?
(minimum threshold amount, date of payment and waiting duration)

Important Do's and Don'ts
(rules and penalties)

What other questions would you like to know the answers to as a member of this site?

You are right. I don not know what is the minimum threshold now. Previously it was 200 Pkr but don't know about the current.