A request to all writers here

A request to all writers here

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With Bubblews bubble finally bursting, a lot of new members are joining many other sites like CGP Gallery and ChillKey which is a great thing. There will be many more articles, more interaction and the site will experience more vitality.

However, I am taking this opportunity to request all writers here to be very careful about their activities online. We should not tolerate scammers, plagiarizers, article spinners or cheaters of any kind that run amok at Bubblews.

When even a single person indulges in such activities, our name and that of our country gets disgraced. People stop trusting our country because of OUR misdeeds so please do not bring a bad name to Pakistan as WE are its ambassador online.

Being a Pakistani, I know there is a great deal of poverty in Pakistan but believe me it is not as much as it is in many other countries. A lot of educated youths do not have jobs making them idle but this is again no excuse for poor behavior online or anywhere else.

There is no way of getting rich quick, there never has been, there never will be and what is the use of money that is accumulated by cheating, lying and being dishonest. As Muslims ,we should know better because we are ambassadors of our religion here as well.

Learn to work hard, be willing to learn and opportunities will come your way. A single cent earned with integrity is better than $10 earned with dishonesty. If you see your friends indulging in suspicious activities, please warn them too.

Trying to cheat is not funny, it is not "shughal mela" and it should never be tolerated.

Agreed, Cheating and short cuts are cheap acts. I am afraid, majority of the people will ignore your advice.

Then it is really up to the admins and us , the members to keep the site clean. Bad grammar does not matter as English is not our mother tongue but bad behavior should not be allowed.

Nice message to all the members and readers to work with honestly in all the fields which they work.Good advice....