I took no time in joining the site.

I took no time in joining the site.

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I came across in a review that a new social blogging networking site is going to be launched soon by some people from Pakistan. I was not very optimistic about it and had totally forgotten. Today I found a link from one of my close and dear ones who has joined the site in the morning of today. He requested me to try this new site and to join it as his referral. Being an Indian, I think it is my earnest duty to be a part this grand venture undertaken by some of my Pakistani brothers. So, wasting no time, I have joined the site. I prepared this article immediately after joining Chillkey but while going to post it, discover that the number of minimum characters required for any article is 700. So, I returned back to add some more content to make the article of at least 700 characters. After achieving this hard task, I hereby submit this article which is obviously my first article at this site. I hope all of you would enjoy it.

It is great to know that a respected friend from Inda is joining a Pakistani site.

I think India and Pakistan are two brothers having the same cultural background. The division between the two brothers is due to political leaders of both the countries.

I also joined this site because my cousin referred me. I am also surprised with the minimum words needed to be posted here. But just like yours, I didn't waste time and post my first article too :)