Chillkey Should Imporve their Paying Standard.

Chillkey Should Imporve their Paying Standard.

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Well new to chillkey and still knowing and understanding things and the payment settings.
I had Wrote my first post here and had to write a 700 words post here , i thought before that it will be same as bubblews and will make the things pretty perfect like bubblews as it took so many days for prelaunch and i was waiting for this website since 3 months.
Worked here, wrote first post and then what i saw that i got more then 25 views on my post but the earning balance was still 0.
I asked one of my friend who joined as my referral here to comment and like my post,
I notice that one comment gives you 0.5 rupees and one like gives you 0.25 rupee.
I think Chillkey could be much better if it also gave the money on views too.
The views didn't gave my something ,as i got more then 25 views,but nothing for that .
May be due to this chillkey could not be much famous or intresting like bubblews,

Ata Rehman

Yeah it is a sad factor ..but we should also think about advertisement rates..advertisers do not pay much on Pakistani impresions,and we should also leave some output to site.But i hope they will increase this rate and in future we will be paid for views also.

as the time moves, every ting gonna be alright just hold on, keep maintaining the hard working.................!!!