What will be the future of new generation in Pakistan?

What will be the future of new generation in Pakistan?

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Corruptions is now just like cancer. It is getting worst by the passage of time. All the organization and their systems are totally out dated and incapacitated. Who is behind that? During my boyhood and young age I used to listen a word “Mafia”. Presently if we notice most of the institution particularly governmental institutions have become just like a mafia which are full of such a people which are working for just their unfair gains not for the nation or the homeland. Even those agencies are responsible to inculcate these type of issues are self-corrupted.
Where we are going? What will be future of our new generations? Things are going to be worst day by. Media is shouting. The corruption scandals are now uncovered but the most strange and odd thing which I see as that no change is taking place. There are special documentaries in the west on the corruption in our homeland. The whole world is aware of it and we have become an example of dishonesty. How could we survive? Would we continue as the same forever?

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In short the future of our new generation is not safe and it is sad we can't change the things.

i think the future is new generation is not saved so please pry for all the world.