We are living in the media era. Thanks to media.

We are living in the media era. Thanks to media.

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We are living in the media era. Hundreds of media channels have been launched. Some of them are really very prevailing. Particularly news channels have their very powerful influence in the society. There is no doubt now the journalists working on these channels have their very wonderful sources of news.
In other words they have their informers. Presently the leakage of most secret information is very common. That means there are such a people in certain institutions which provide these information to the media people.
I think this is very good for us all. Especially for the people of Pakistan. Earlier deceitful and corrupt authorities were free to do any immoral and incorrect things but now they cannot hide themselves from the senses of the media people.
On the other hand there are certain media channels which are taking wrong benefit of this influence. They are also involved in such a conducts which are against the values and against the procedures of Journalism. But thanks to media it itself exposes such a black sheep around.

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Media is too powerful. Aside from print and tv, we are also involved in the so-called social networking sites

It is true Media is improving in our country but still there is a room for betterment.