Uncontrolled sale of medicine in Pakistan.

Uncontrolled sale of medicine in Pakistan.

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All the medicines are produced to bring health back of the ill people. But many simple people especially non educated and simple people of the villages do not know that these all medicine have their bad side effects. Some side effects are irreversible. So these drugs should be use with caution.

Unfortunately there is no control over medicine sales. Even banned medicines are sold without any restriction. People buy medicine without doctor's prescription and take them according to their will. They do not know even that how they are killing themselves.

I wish there should be check on pharmacies regarding sale of medicine. Government of Pakistan should take measures on this issue.

What do you think my friends could it be possible in future as it is in developed countries?

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It is not psooible in developing countries as it will decrease the sales of the manufacturers and governments will also lose their revenues.

This is a very valid concern.Not only medicines, but there are also too many unnecessary operations, tests and procedures just to rob people.