Toothache kills. Really it almost kills.

Toothache kills. Really it almost kills.

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Toothache kills. Really it almost kills. I experienced in real. I am not quite young. I am forty-nine and half years old (this is another thing that I don’t look at this age) Hahaha. Fine, I come back to the topic. During my whole life I never experience toothache. And now at this age Oh my Allah, this is for the first time I experienced this killing pain.
Headache, stomach pains are common which perhaps we all suffer from even in our childhood but toothache can be such a severe I could not imagine.
I really felt today as my skull from jaw is cracking. This all started two months back. I never experienced this before. Usually I avoid medication but this severe pain made me to consult the doctored. Finally I went to a dentist. He asked me for root canal and now I am feeling little better.

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You can consult some homeopath. Sometimes we feel relief from the very fisrt dose.

You have described a toothache perfectly. The pain is really agonising and going to the dentist is the best option.