This is our promise. We are sure you are listening!

This is our promise. We are sure you are listening!

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Yesterday it was once again the same date of December as it was last year. Yes, I am talking about 16th December 2014. I wanted to write yesterday but could not write at all. As soon as I tried to write something, I lost the words. My nerves went out of my control. I felt like I was being torn inside in myself. My soul was going to be split. Each time whenever I tried to write my mind and thoughts shattered.
I am a teacher I can not only feel I can see those scenes with full of blood with my closed eyes.
Oh my Allah, that disaster which just turned the hearts and thoughts into a burning flames. I am sure there is none of any individual which did not feel the pain.
The terrorists attacked the school where they killed innocent children along with their teachers and other staff people. The blood is still dripping from the wounds on the hearts of the nation.
The whole nation is on one page that we will never forget it. We will take revenge. Yes, we will take revenge. After a year still we are crying. You made us to cry but you would not be left alive to cry. Believe me. You would never be there to cry. This is our promise. I am sure you are listening to the voice of whole Pakistani nation.

Image is my own with my students.

A very sad incident which has made whole nation sad..... May Allah give us strength

No doubt you are a great patriot. I do understand your feelings and share them. May Allah protect all of us.