Terrorism will be finished from Pakistan very soon. In Sha Allah.

Terrorism will be finished from Pakistan very soon. In Sha Allah.

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I am happy. Really very happy because government of Pakistan is taking serious steps against terrorism. Earlier all the political forces were not one cause but now after the attack of terrorists at school in Peshawar now all the national political parties of Pakistan are on one goal and that to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan.

Usually our politician are always busy for their own gain but this time they know that the nation will not spare them. They will have to answer the nation this the actual reason of their seriousness.

Let us pray and hope for the the good times. Insha Allah very soon the terrorism will be eliminated from our home land and we will be living very peaceful life. Pakistan is defamed in world and In Sha Allah soon we will restore our fame.

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Inshallah we will not give place to the enemies of Pakistan who want to make our lovely country damage .

I like your post dear keep it up and best of luck and also happy new year my friend

Our govt must consider the real roots of terrorism. Only then we can hope to eliminate it.

Inshallah terrorism have no future in Pakistan...You will be happy to know that 2014 have less attacks after 2006..

hello how are you.hmmm I am glad i see you around . :-) that is a nice place.nice post very informative.

Nice post I like it and commented on it. I expect that you will also like and comment on my posts.

Pakistan is a superb place to live. Definitely some steps will work for the betterment of the country.

I hope we get rid of terrorism soon. Pakistan Army is doing its best! Its doing good work. We should all make every effort to eliminate it,

in sha allah. yes it requires the unity of all muslims and all muslim countries. The change in ourselves will change the future.