Pakistan finally wins a match! I am very happy.

Pakistan finally wins a match! I am very happy.

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Hello friends. Today's good news. Thanks to Allah the all mighty Pakistan finally won on cricket match. Although the start of this match was disappointing but Pakistani cricket showed a lot of courage and played well.
Today a new record of the slowest run making was also set by the Pakistani cricket players. Some of my friend told me it was 14 runs on 10 overs. Is this correct.

I do not like to watch cricket any more after the worst defeat of Pakistan cricket team in previous two matches. I thought this time out team will lose the match but Alhamdolillah the Players of Pakistan cricket team proved that they have the right talent and can be successful any time.

Now I hope our team will maintain the same pace of their skill and will play nice keeping in their minds this the only way to restore their respect.

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Yeh .. congratulations but Pakistan need to play more better in front of Tough teams to qualify ...

Becasue they have win only 1 match and they have to play big score in front of loose team ... i wish they will ....

jo match jeetna chahiyeh tha wo har gaya abh kya happy yar.... by the way keep writing and keep checking my future post too thanks.

don't Worry, INSHALLAH Pakistan will come back very strong in this world cup, they were morally down due to not giving 100% now they are back on track.

It was not a great victory and they hardly made it possible to win. They need win all the remaining matches with great rate.

yes finally Pakistan got victory thanks GOD ... We should need to support our cricket team if we want to see the better future of pakistani cricket team