New series of rain.

New series of rain.

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This does not happen most often here in Pakistan. Yes I am talking about the rain in Pakistan. During recent season people of Pakistan experienced more rains than even in the monsoon season. It rained almost in all over Pakistan.
On the one these rains are a life to the wheat crops. Pakistan is an agricultural country that is why rains at the proper time is just a blessing but on the other hand as it happens in every rainy season the all the cities are in dark at night time because the feeders tripped off due to this rain.
Moreover the risk of collapsing old buildings has increased. if it happens the rain becomes curse instead of blessing. Weather forecasts say a new series of rain will start from upcoming wednesday.
Let us hope for the good the best. This rainy season will be blessing for all us. In Sha Allah.

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Let's hope for the best, may every one remain safe and sound, may no one faces problems at all due to these rains.

Agree but rain is always a blessing of God and it is the man who make it a curse for himself.

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