My heart is broken. Pakistan lost the match.

My heart is broken. Pakistan lost the match.

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I am feeling very sad because Pakistan has lost the match. Win and lost is always there in any game but the way Pakistan is really saddening. Pakistani team showed very poor performance. Anyways game is game. Some has to lose the game and this time Pakistan lost.
Yet I have not watched TV news let us see what feelings of the nation of Pakistan are? Pakistani nation was very hopeful that Pakistan will win but they did opposite it. Usually Pakistani team do not come back at the same time after such a defeat. They use separate flights to come back to home otherwise they have to face the resentment of the people of Pakistan.
I request to all Pakistani people to have patience because next time is always there. I am sure next world cup will be won by the Pakistan. Let’s hope for the better despite of it that we all will have to wait for very long time.

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Calm down dear brother, it was on the cards. This win was not in our luck Insha Allah next time

Its no happen you will be strong heart next time win the match pakistan ,I prayer for pakistan team to all muslims.

We lack experienced players in our team and we cannot expect a victory without experienced players .

Its okay. It was the first match. We will IA win the next matches and go into the Quarter Finals. I hope our heroes learn from their mistakes. Last time we lost to them in a world cup in Australia we got the cup for ourselves.