I wish I could see this happening in my life. could it be possible.

I wish I could see this happening in my life. could it be possible.

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Yesterday I watched. I watched in a TV report on one of news channel of Pakistan. It was about a prime minister. Yes he was the prime minister but not of my homeland Pakistan. He was the prime minister of Norway. Do you know what he did. He dresses in the uniform of a taxi driver. After that he pinned up the badge of taxi driver on the right side of his uniform and drove his taxi on the roads of the capital Oslo of Norway.
Do you know he did this all to know different problems faced by the common public of Norway. He did this all to know the circumstances and feelings of the people of his country.
Watching this I really felt sad. I prayed to Allah to bless our politicians with this sensation for the crushed people of Pakistan. I wish to see this thing happening in my homeland Pakistan in my life. What do you think my friends is this possible?

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sometimes I also feel that all politicians are good. speaking of other site, i think all writers should post on chillkey more. I am sick of other sites cheating us all

I do not think it is possible in Pakistan. Anyhow I expect a better future in Pakistan.

I do not see any of our politicians doing such a thing. In many European countries, government leadership is taken as a great duty and responsibility but here it is just way of increasing wealth and power. InshaAllah we will see better days.