How to earn on CHILLKEY positively.

How to earn on CHILLKEY positively.

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Earning online is not easy. It takes time. Very hard work is needed. You will have to sit and work. Without consecutive work it is not at all possible for you to earn online. If you really want to earn through writing and posting you will have to work not less than four to six hours daily.

Interaction is very important in this regard. Interaction means to write comments and to like the post of the members on this web site. Comments must valid and as per TOS of the website you are writing. For example on Chillkey you have to write a comment of 80 characters. Do not try to fill it with dots or any other unfair mean. This is considered as spamming. Similarly write the post not less than 700 or 750 words. Filling it through unfair means like dots or repeating words will be considered as spamming and your account can be deleted by the administration.

Be optimistic, no abusive language, no copy past at all.

Yes Ashraf Niazi you are absolutely right in your words learning is not as much easy as some people thinks.Your effort is good and useful for all the members thanks.

Agreed, it is not an easy job and requires us to invest a lot of time. It is a better idea to adhere to the rules and regulations of the site.

that is great post dear brother which helps each new person who is coming to chillkey for earning.

True, I Shall Personally Help Team Chill Key By Informing About The Frauds, Cheaters And Users, If Someone Tried To Cheat By Making Fb Exchange Groups N Pages - I Also Reported Such Users To &Bubblews.

YUP man you write very well about the online earning sites you can earn real money but as you told that it required a lot of time thanks for such great information to the users and dont forget sherokhan thanks ..........

I have also written on the spamming issue. So that many who have problem understanding the TOS can easily understand. Its good that the admin is finally taking action on it. You are write interaction is as important as the article but spam interactions like asking for likes and comments aren't allowed.

yes i think you are quite right here and we all need hard work for earning online.all work need dedication and devotion.thanks